What do we do?

We practice in a full range of areas of law. Please download and read our free brochures in each area. We do not specialise in any one “practice area”, nor claim to be “accredited” in one common area.
There is a reason, we stay in touch with as many areas of law as our varied clients need advice. Therefore our solicitors can usually advise you promptly on all your legal concerns.
We also have a panel of trusted advisors, barristers and legal support agents on call.

Why choose our firm?

Because we will:

  • vigorously and confidently represent you;
  • give you a high level of legal protection and resources;
  • give you practical advice, including non-legal alternatives if relevant;
  • advise you of any deadlines relevant to your claim;
  • move promptly and directly with legal action if required;
  • give real and positive outcomes for your appreciation and loyalty

Why trust us?

You will become another one of our loyal clients because of our sensitive, confidential approach to all your legal issues. We will be a useful and helpful ally. Most of us face problems sooner or later.
For the major life and business decisions you need someone you can trust and know what to expect. With us you will be actively involved and participate in our processes.
We do listen, and keep you informed.
We are professionals and follow the Law Society Code of Ethics.